One Minute Wiser Part 1 “ASSEMBLY REQUIRED” (THRIVE)

One Minute Wiser Part 1 "ASSEMBLY REQUIRED" (THRIVE)

The Bible is God’s Word. It holds both the deepest truth and greatest promise of God. For those who’ve read it for years the stories can become all too familiar and predictable. For others, the Bible can seem confusing and difficult to understand. Jesus used creative stories and examples to help the scriptures come alive again. In a similar way, we’ll use commercials with a deep message to illuminate the truth of the Bible. Some of the best storytelling and creative writing can be found in modern day commercials. The message is the same but the way it is revealed is constantly changing. Come and hear something new and fresh in the ancient texts of the Bible.


When all the parts are working together it’s called synchronization. When everything is out of sync and the parts are working against each other it’s called dysfunctional. Paul understood the complexity of the human body and used the imagery to describe the church as the body of Christ. It recognizes the unique value that each one of us brings to the church. Though we bring different gifts, collectively we become the body of Christ when we join and work together for the greater good of the kingdom. It is not only a call for unity but a cautionary note on how divided we can be and how much harm we do to the body of Christ in our divisive and fractured nature.


Sync Up
Show Up
Step Up
And let the church come alive!

In Christ,


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