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At Trinity we strive to teach students the building blocks of faith by showing students how to live out their faith, and teaching them about the grace of God given to us through His son Jesus Christ. We do this in a variety of ways, but in whatever we do the goal is always the same; Helping students grow in Christ and pursue holiness. When a student walks through our doors they will be taken on an awesome journey. Through the school year, they’ll learn exactly what the Bible means when it says God is holy. (And more importantly, why it matters). They’ll learn how Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross made holiness available to humankind. And they’ll be challenged to see how embracing the Bible’s call to holiness can have a dramatic impact on the people they encounter each day.

But Student Ministry at Trinity is also about fun! Here at Trinity we make sure that we have fun often. We do this by having several special events throughout the year like; trips, laser tag, Rangers and Mavericks games, lock-ins, retreat weekends, camp, mission trips, and whatever other fun things we can think of. All of these fun activities help us to grow in our friendships with other Christ followers.

On Sunday mornings we have our Sunday school time together upstairs in the loft. This is our main tool for discipleship with our youth.  Each week at 9:45 our students will spend time divided up by grade with adult leaders to cultivate a deeper understanding of the Bible by discussing biblical truths and relevant issues. Life is full of pressure from school, family, friends, and extra curriculars, not to mention all the stuff we put on ourselves.  Need a place to find answers? Sunday School in The LOFT is for you!

Our main time of worship together is Sunday Night Live. This is our main time of worship, celebration, and community for our youth.  Each Sunday night we will worship through music, the Bible, and teaching from members of our leadership team. If you’re looking to have a blast while experiencing the greatness of God, this is for you!

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