Missional Outreach

At the heart of Trinity is our commitment to serving and meeting the needs of others. Below are descriptions of the many ways in which we find ourselves called by God to be in service as a witness for Jesus Christ to others. 

The Guatemala Stove Builders build stoves in the homes of impoverished people in Guatemala.  Building a vented stove for the family means fewer bronchial and eye problems for the home owners. This mission improves the financial situation of the community by hiring local workers to build the stoves and help the local economy by purchasing all building materials locally. For more information Click Here.

Join a group of Trinity’s committed and compassionate members whose passion is to offer Christ through the construction of homes for the needy. Trinity’s Habitat for Humanity Building Team has been involved in the construction of several Habitat homes. Building a Habitat house is a wonderful local mission that truly changes the lives of new homeowners and their families for years to come.

ALS provides shelter, training, and counseling to those in our community who are temporarily homeless to help them become self-sufficient again. The Shelter relies on over forty Arlington faith organizations to provide volunteers who assist in its operation. Trinity members prepare and serve a wholesome dinner to shelter residents on the first Friday night of every month. During the past year, Trinity members have contributed well over 500 hours in volunteerism, as well as over $2,500 in food, to the Shelter. For more information, please contact Brian Dietz at dietzjb@sbcglobal.net.

In January of 2012, Trinity began offering financial support to Dieudonne Karihano, a United Methodist agricultural missionary serving in Cambine, Mozambique.  In 2017, after Mr. Karihano’s ministry was reassigned, Trinity began to support Mr. Gaston Ntambo, a pilot for Wings of the Morning Aviation in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  This ministry is facilitated through the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church.  Mr. Ntambo provides transportation in hard-to-reach areas of Africa, especially in emergency situations.

Almost every year, Meals on Wheels of Tarrant County prepares and delivers 942,000 meals to elderly and disabled persons. The median age of clients is 76 years. Pet food is also provided and additional aids such as electric fans, home repairs, and wheelchairs are available – all at no charge to the clients.  Approximately 40 TUMC members are volunteers for Meals on Wheels. For more information on how to volunteer in this wonderful ministry, contact Paula Harbour at pjharbour@sbcglobal.net.

H.O.P.E. Tutoring provides one-on-one free homework tutoring to at-risk 1st through 8th grade students in the AISD. Tutoring sites are located in Arlington churches, and both after-school and at-night sessions are offered. Summer reading and math programs are provided during the summer. To volunteer with H.O.P.E. Tutoring, call 817-860-7775.

The School Supply Squad provides elementary grade-school supplies to the extremely poor and disadvantaged children living in east Arlington. With ten volunteers, we cover 28 elementary and two junior high schools, working with school counselors to identify the needs for each classroom. Ten years ago, this ministry served 17 schools; we now supply all current Title I schools and all identified “At Risk” children. To volunteer to work with the School Supply Squad, please contact Jim Burgess at burgess612@sbcglobal.net.

Trained mentoring teams from our congregation join hands with families in need to explore financial literacy, career planning, and life skills. The program changes lives by helping families to break the cycle of poverty. Its 85% retained employment success rate is evidence that the program really works. The spiritual fulfillment provided from this faith walk is both gratifying and humbling. To volunteer, contact Ted Mazza at mazza219@hotmail.com.

AUM provides emergency financial assistance for rent and utilities to help disadvantaged families in Arlington remain safely in their homes with their water, electricity, and gas connected. This ministry operates a small food pantry for its clients and the homeless. AUM also owns and operates the Nu2U Resale Store. In partnership with the Tarrant Area Food Bank, AUM hosts a monthly Mobile Food Pantry providing free, fresh food to more than 480 families each month. To learn more about AUM, contact Mike Colin at semi-colin@att.net.

The Wesley Foundation at the University of Texas-Arlington is a campus ministry sponsored by the Central Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church. Trinity UMC has a history of serving the Wesley Foundation through volunteer service via church members participating in leadership positions via the Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees.

Trinity has a group of dedicated adults, male and female, who offer themselves and their gifts as opportunities arise to be “in mission” to those less fortunate. Our Handy-Person Team is involved with the Texas Ramps Organization to construct ADA-compliant wheelchair ramps at no cost to qualifying clients. The Team also assists in offering minor home repair/renovations for homebound elderly clients of our city’s Meals on Wheels program. They offer pickup and delivery assistance for customers of the Nu2U Resale Shop in Arlington. Also, the Team partners with Arlington Urban Ministries to distribute food items to needy clients at the Aldersgate United Methodist Church’s outlet of the Tarrant Area Food Bank. For more information, contact Mike Colin at semi-colin@att.net.

The Salvation Army Angel Tree ministry provides Christmas assistance for disadvantaged children and senior adults meeting the federal minimum poverty guidelines. Through the Angel Tree program, volunteers can assist at local Salvation Army locations with registration procedures for Christmas gift needs of qualifying persons. Donors can become personally involved in helping to meet the needs of these persons by selecting a specific child/adult and providing the tangible gift item(s) requested through the registration process. Selections are made from written requests hung from a Christmas tree placed in Trinity’s Great Hall during the Christmas season. Gifts are then returned to Trinity upon their purchase. For more information, contact Martha Meyer at martha21@sbcglobal.net.

Every year at Christmas, Trinity sponsors a Salvation Army Christmas Kettle and Bell-Ringing station. Our members volunteer for the entire schedule of bell-ringing duty at the Trinity kettle station, which is at a location near the Parks Mall in south Arlington. Members are encouraged to sign up for this wonderful ministry take their place “ringing the bell” for the Salvation Army in receiving financial donations so that the less fortunate can come to know the love of Jesus Christ through the sacrifice of others. For more information, contact Sharon Holman at sgholman56@yahoo.com or Sharon Bowie at smbowie@sbcglobal.net.

The Open Arms Clinic serves the non-insured or under-insured of our city, and is staffed by volunteer physicians, nurses, and others who provide free or low-cost health care to those in need. To learn how you can volunteer your time to serve at the Open Arms Medical Clinic, contact Jan Arnold at jansarnold@sbcglobal.net.

Trinity members donate specific non-perishable food items that are distributed to needy school-age children, providing them with food for the weekends when the school meal service is unavailable. Volunteers shelve the donated food items when they are received and then prepare them delivered to designated schools in the AISD once a week. To volunteer, contact Kerry or Susan Jordan at jordkdsp@sbcglobal.net.

To see a list of items to donate, click here.

Trinity serves as a host location once a month for the CareVan Immunization Clinic for Children, which is a service that offers free vaccinations and immunizations for preschool and school-age children. The Clinic is always in need of volunteers to help with the processing of client paperwork, offering free books for the children attending the clinic, and helping with “crowd control.”  To volunteer, contact Marsha Connelly connellymarsha@gmail.com.

Volunteers receive, sort, pack, and ship supplies for disaster relief around the world from the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) warehouse in Baldwin, LA. For more information, contact Rev. Carol Roberts at carol@trinityarl.org.

Advocates for Special People is a non-profit organization that was created to serve the needs of persons in our community with special needs. Trinity supports ASP through the work of volunteers and in other means as well.

Operation Christmas Child is a mission of Samaritan’s Purse, an international ministry created by Franklin Graham, the son of evangelist Billy Graham. Operation Christmas Child’s main focus is to collect and send shoeboxes filled with children’s toys and other items to children in need all over the world. For more information on how to serve in this ministry, contact Pastor Carol; carol@trinityarl.org.

Trinity also serves as a Drop-Off Location for Operation Christmas Child.  We accept the shoeboxes that other churches have filled and pack them in mailing boxes.  Jobs include greeting people who are dropping off boxes, counting and packing boxes, and filling out paperwork for each donation.  This mission is a great deal of fun!  To join in, please contact Susan Martin at susanstuff69@yahoo.com.

Based on the efforts of a Girl Scout named Rebecca Read, Trinity has entered into a missions outreach ministry to collect and provide women’s sanitary supplies for our local shelter for abused women and their children. To donate to this mission, place sanitary supplies in the blue receptacles located in the ladies restrooms at Trinity.

Kairos Prison Ministry is a vehicle for visiting and sharing God’s love with people who are in prison (following Jesus’ commandment in Matthew 25:35-36).  This is a multi-day commitment where a Walk to Emmaus is set up within the prison and the people are introduced to God’s great love for each of them in a real and powerful way.  Please contact Janice Gooch at kairosmv27@yahoo.com to learn how you may become a part of this important ministry!

Mental health is an increasingly severe problem in our society.  We host NAMI, a 6-session education program for parents, caregivers and other family who provide care for youth (ages 22 and younger) who are experiencing mental health symptoms. This program is free to participants, 99% of whom say they would recommend the program to others. This in-person course is taught by a trained team with lived experience raising a child with a mental health condition. They know what you are going through because they have been there too.  Please contact Martha Meyer at martha21@sbcglobal.net to find out more.

The Salvation Army Family Life Shelter provides hope, shelter, and life-skills to homeless families.  It is unique in that the family unit stays intact in small apartments as they prepare for life on their own.  Trinity provides a monthly Bible Study for families the second Thursday of every month from 7-8 p.m. Please contact Sheri Bowie at smbowie@sbcglobal.net to discover how to help the Salvation Army meet the needs of our community.

Trinity Sports Foundation was created to provide Christian based sporting activities for children, youth and adults, regardless of race, economic means, religion or athletic ability.​  This is a separate 501C3 organization, supported by Trinity UMC.  TSF provides Play Days for marginalized children in Arlington, along with other sports ministries.  Please contact Bill Bowie at bbowie@rtiglobal.com for more information.

Global Hands of Healing has traveled the world to provide over three million dollars in current value of healthcare services including medical, dental, vision, pharmacy and veterinary services to impoverished communities in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and Panama.

For many patients, this is their first encounter with modern medicine.  Often, a life-changing diagnosis is made, and patients are treated with medications or referred to local specialists.   Our vision area can determine prescriptions for distance and near glasses, and build them on site!  Our team members value their experience, many giving of their time again and again to travel with Global Hands of Healing.  “Lifechanging” applies to them, as well as the patients we treat!

2020 Dates are as follows:

  • Panama – 2/29-3/7/20; 4/25-5/1/20 *Both Trips Full*
  • Costa Rica 8/1-8/8/20
  • Guatemala 9/19-9/26/20
  • Taste of Hope Dinner 4/16/20

If you are interested in participating in a Global Hands of Healing trip, please contact Manuel Palavicini at palavicini@sbcglobal.net.