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Adult 9:30 am Classes (online)

9:30am, Activity Center

This traditional, large class of 65+ people per Sunday sing hymns, share a devotional, and have a different guest lecturer each week. Filled with active seniors, they hold regular social events and support several mission projects.

9:30am, Room S-110

Adults, both single and married, who study curriculum that incorporates both knowledge of the Bible and its teachings as well as its relationship to contemporary issues today.

9:30am, Room A-203

Endeavor is a diverse, fun, caring and supportive family- oriented group. They are engaged in continual Bible study and conversation. Members are dedicated to continual spiritual growth and serving the community around us.

9:30am, Room S-106 (Prayer Room)

Married and previously married in their 60’s and 70’s, this small group studies topics and issues focused on living the Christian life and social issues. Most studies are taught via DVD and led by a facilitator.


9:30am, Room C-208

This class includes married and previously married people with or without children studying topics and issues focused on life needs and living the Christian life. They are very active in missions.


9:30am, Room C-210

This mid-sized, intergenerational class is high discussion and studies books of the Bible to understand and discern what God’s Word says and to apply it to everyday life.

9:30am, Intergenerational

This class is filled with brothers and sisters in Christ exploring the meaning of the Scriptures in open and honest discussion. Come and join us as we apply biblical truths to our daily walk with Christ.


9:30am, Room A-205

Members of this class are comprised of married and singles in their 50.s 60’s and 70’s who prefer in depth Bible study and discussion and how to apply it in their lives.

9:30am,Room A-111

This high discussion class is made up of married and previously married individuals. They study the Bible and relate it to their lives and current events. Laughter is a part of every class!


9:30am, Room C-205

Scripture based, multi-generational, couples and singles small community. Bible study and discussions center on applying lessons learned to a Jesus focused life. Socially active and missions minded.

9:30am, Room S-126

This large class includes active seniors in their 60’s and 70’s. Led by guest speakers each week who address the Bible, Christian living, and contemporary issues today. They have many missions and regular social events.

9:30am Coffee House

This group is for Young Adults ages 18-25 who explore the Scriptures together and apply it to their contemporary lives. They meet in the Coffee House and then move upstairs.

9:30am Room s-110

S.A.L.T. stands for Sharing and Learning Together. This Scripture-based class is an open discussion group format led by a group of facilitators. Their focus is to grow spiritually in the Word, live intentionally in their faith, and discover an eternal perspective for life.

9:30am,Room A-111

This larger class (30 plus people) is an in-depth study and encounter with God and His Word. Lecture oriented with high discussion and gifted, rotating teachers. Highly social class.


9:30am, Room C-209

This midsize class (20-30 people) is for singles and marrieds. Discussions are of Biblical and current topics from a Christian perspective. We meet monthly for a breakfast fellowship and members are involved in other church activities and groups.

9:30am C-206

This women’s only class (for all ages) is a loving and supportive group who seek to study and discuss the Bible, biblically based topics and apply it to their lives.

9:30am, Room C-203

Pathfinders is a diverse group, whose ages range from 30’s to whatever age, with single members and married couples with children of all ages. Their curriculum centers around Christian and Bible-based topics.

9:30am, Off Site

This Bible study group is made up of mostly couples, ages 35+, with children. They enjoy working with local mission opportunities, and they frequently hold social activities within their class.

9:30am, Room A-201

This young adults class is for those who have graduated from high school and are working towards finding full time employment in their chosen field or are in college. The class studies a variety of topics. If you are interested in joining us on this fun, exploratory, and exciting endeavor, please contact Michael Franklin: 817-274-1345.

9:30am Room C-203

This group is for people single and married. They provide a small group discussion of God’s Word with application to their lives.

9:30am, Dr. Posey’s Office

This group is for young adult with Special Needs or Challenges.