Every Scar Has a Story – Jesus Showed Us His Scars Part 2 “Scarred by Betrayal” THRIVE Service

Every Scar Has a Story - Jesus Showed Us His Scars Part 2 "Scarred by Betrayal" THRIVE Service

The The betrayal of Jesus by Judas was perhaps the deepest cut of all. The betrayal didn’t come from his enemies, the religious leaders, or the Roman oppressors. It was an inside job. Betrayed by one of his own, by one he loved. Judas was handpicked by Jesus as one of the original 12 disciples. Judas followed Jesus, believed in Jesus, loved Jesus, witnessed all the miracles, and heard the teachings. But in the end, it wasn’t enough. Judas betrayed Jesus.

None of us get through this life without being hurt. Sometimes it’s death by a thousand cuts, other times it feels like a broken heart. Those who have been betrayed, especially by those closest to them, know the pain. Aside from the pain it causes, the real danger of being betrayed is what happens as a result. Bitterness, anger, resentment, building a wall to keep anyone and everyone away so you never have to experience that kind of pain again in your life. You protected your heart by closing it off to everyone else.

The great tragedy is that Judas betrayed Jesus. The greater tragedy is that he wasn’t around to hear the words, “Father forgive them…”.

Every scar has story. Sometimes it’s a story of betrayal. Jesus was betrayed and not just by Judas. There’s a deeper story and Jesus has the scars to show for it.


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