Every Scar Has a Story- Jesus Showed Us His Scars Part 3 “Scarred by Loss” THRIVE Service Livestream

Every Scar Has a Story- Jesus Showed Us His Scars Part 3 "Scarred by Loss" THRIVE Service Livestream

Losing the one you love is beyond devastating. The moment they died, something in you died as well. You have your own story. You have your own pain. You still carry the scars of that moment with you.

The Bible doesn’t hide the harsh reality nor hard truth of death and dying.

Lazarus is ill. He’s dying. The family sends word to Jesus begging him to come and help.

He takes four days to arrive. By the time he arrives, Lazarus is dead.

Jesus bears the anger and grief of Martha, “If you had been here, my brother would not have died!”. Or to be blunt, “Where were you when we needed you?”

The death of Lazarus is a painful loss for everyone involved. For his two sisters, Mary, and Martha, and for Jesus who grieves the loss of his friend and is also profoundly aware of his own impending death.

Jesus begins to cry.

The tears are real.

Death is real.

The scars are real.

If you’re looking for a lighthearted, funny, feel-good sermon this week you might want to sit this one out.

But if you’ve ever stood at a graveside and said goodbye to someone you loved, and you don’t have the patience or energy to hear someone try to sugar coat it, gloss over it, or act like you should just get over it.

Boy, do I have a story for you….


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