Deep Dive Part 4 “The Shallow End of the Pool” (Traditional)

Deep Dive Part 4 "The Shallow End of the Pool" (Traditional)

Our Deep Dive sermon series is an invitation to step into the deeper waters where Jesus invites us to go. The deeper waters represent the fulness of life and love offered to us in Jesus. The deeper waters represent a doorway to a new future and a new hope as in crossing the Red sea to find freedom or walking through the Jordan river into the Promised Land. The deeper waters also represent our deepest fears and uncertainties. Sadly, a lot of us are content to simply sit on the shore and remain in the shallow waters, refusing to take risks or venture out beyond the shallow end of the pool. There’s an old Jewish midrash story that says the waters of the Red Sea did not part until someone was brave enough to be the first to put their foot in the water.


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