Deep Dive Part 2 “Riptide” (Traditional)

Deep Dive Part 2 "Riptide" (Traditional)

His name is Nick Leeson. Never heard of him? He was a 25-year-old broker for Barings, the oldest bank in England that served its customers and investors for 230 years. That is until Nick Leeson singlehandedly took it down with a series of bad choices, risky investments, a desperate attempt to fix the problem, compounded by more bad decisions. In the end, he lost a staggering $1.3 billion of his employer’s money, making risky trades in derivatives. Unable to recover, the bank collapsed. Some people never grow up. You deal with them all the time. People who refuse to take any responsibility, constantly need to be the center of attention, people who refuse to admit when they’re wrong, others who are quick to blame everyone else for their problems.


Most of us learn the hard way. We overcome our mistakes, grow through adversity, make better choices, and eventually become wiser, kinder, and more forgiving. It has little to do with age and everything about how and what we learn or fail to learn from our experiences in life.


Riptide is a metaphor for those who are not grounded by a deeper sense of faith and identity. It pulls you away from the safety of the shore. Sin, poor choices, bad decisions – It pulls you, slowly and steadily into dangerous areas. Paul talks about his hope that we would be anchored and grounded to the faith. No longer tossed back and forth by the waves and blown here and there by every wind of teaching.


Join us this Sunday as we learn an invaluable lesson from one who learned the hard way.


Clean up.
Grow up.
Show up.


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