Midweek Bible Studies

If you would like a mid-week Bible study, we have many to choose from to fit your needs or your schedule. Child care is available any class. To arrange, please contact Rev. Carol Roberts at 817-274-1345.

Adult Bible Study

The Joy of Living Bible Study
Monday Nights 2:00 PM, Room

Gospel of John Bible Study
7:00 – 8:00 PM, Room S-126

This is an in-depth, verse by verse study to understand Jesus more deeply, grow in our faith, and hear anew the call to discipleship and to the new life Jesus promised only in Him. Particular attention will be given to the first century historical, geographical, literary, geographical, social and religious context of each passage, details that John assumed his Middle Eastern readers would know and understand and which are key to understanding the original meaning of Jesus’ words and the Gospel. We then will look to how we can apply that message to our lives.

Ladies Bible Study

Thursday Morning Women’s Bible Study
10:00 – 11:30 AM, Room 110

Retirees 60+. Their goal is to increased their knowledge of the Bible and to encourage each other in their faith. Studies includes wide range of topics and Christian authors.  This group is very welcoming to new members, so comes join us!

Bible Study Buddies
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM, Room S-126

This group digs deep into Scripture through the study of God’s Word and learn about God and his plan for our lives. This is a very informal yet high discussion group and loves to laugh. There is no homework assigned. Participants are 50’s+ but welcomes ALL ladies.

On-Line Bible Study

Finding Our Way Home
“Finding Our Way Home” is a set of 10 basic Bible study guides to assist you in your search for God. These concise question and answer lessons will help you explore who God is, how God speaks to you, why we face problems, how you can become a Christian and more.  For more information email: Biblestudy@trinityarl.org