9:45am, Activity Center

The members of this class, ages 55+ years, enjoy Bible and faith-based studies as well as social events and mission projects.

9:45am, Room S-110

This group of adults, ages 50+, include both single and married persons. They study curriculum that incorporates both knowledge of the Bible and its teachings, as well as the relationship of contemporary issues to the Bible.

9:45am, Dr. Posey’s Office

This class is made up of adults with special needs. They discuss a wide range of topics from Scripture to current events and helps for daily living.

9:45am, Room A-203

Members are ages 25-35 and are pursuing foundational Biblical understanding and comprehension through study of classic Bible stories, as well as practical application of faith through popular DVD series.

9:45am, Room S-111

This is a discussion class using a variety of curriculum on topics that are Biblically based. Our class is comprised of both married and single members, ages 55+.

9:45am, Room C-208

This group is for young marrieds with young children or no children.  They study topics and issues focused on life enrichment through our Christian faith.

9:45am, Student Ministers Office

This group’s educational focus is Bible-based lessons as they relate to issues that families face today. Koinonia is an informal class consisting of members in their late 30’s to early 50’s, mostly couples with children of all ages.

9:45am, Room C-210

Legacy is a Bible study discussion class, which focuses on in-depth learning from God’s word. We welcome all levels of knowledge and look to share God’s word with all ages.

9:45am, Meets Off Site

This class consists primarily of couples who enjoy both bible study and fellowship.

9:45am, Room A-205

Members of this class are comprised of couples and singles.This group participates in Bible studies and holds intimate discussions from their studies.

9:45am,Room A-107 (the Dining Room)

This new adult Sunday morning Bible study class is made up primarily of couples, ages 40+, who want to study Biblically-based topics.

9:45am, Room C-209

This class enjoys Bible study and social concern topics. This group of couples and singles, ages 50+.

11 am, Room C-210

Adult men and women who enjoy studying scripture

9:45am, Bride’s Room/Prayer Room, S-106

This class is made up of only women, single, widowed, divorced, who wish to study the Bible and Biblically-based subjects.

9:45am, Room C-203

Pathfinders is a diverse group, whose ages range from 30’s to whatever age, with single members and married couples with children of all ages. Their curriculum centers around Christian and Bible-based topics.

9:45am, Off Site

This Bible study group is made up of mostly couples, ages 35+, with children. They enjoy working with local mission opportunities, and they frequently hold social activities within their class.

9:45am, Room S-126

This class’s membership includes couples, singles, Divorcees, and range in age from 30+ years. They study the Bible and other faith-based topics and participate in many mission opportunities.

9:45am, Room C-205

New Covenant class is committed to building up the Body of Christ through the study of Scripture, prayer, service, and fellowship. This large group has members, age 30+, married and single.

9:45am, Room A-201

This newly formed class is for young adults who have graduated from high school and are working towards finding full time employment in their chosen field. The class will typically meet on Sunday mornings. However, the structure of this class will also include meeting at someone’s home, meeting off campus, studying a variety of topics, and meeting outside of Sunday mornings for times of fellowship. If you are interested in joining us on this fun, exploratory, and exciting endeavor, please contact Michael Franklin: 817.274.1345.