Congregational Care

A group of dedicated Trinity members volunteer to reach out and offer support to church members and their family members who are “shut-ins” or who reside in nursing homes, etc. At the of Trinity’s Care Team, the members send cards of support and encouragement to these special members, discuss ways to serve these people, and assign Team members to visit. Contact MaryAnn Jackson (817-291-5836).

For those not familiar with the Military Personnel Prayer Board, it contains cards with pictures and information about the service men and women from our congregation and those related to church members. The intent is to bring the names and faces of our service men and women before our community of faith in order to enhance the prayer life of Trinity members and to be more intentional in prayer for our service men and women. Church members and guests are encouraged to take cards from behind the colored pictures as a reminder to pray for the service men and women. Information on the cards includes the name, rank and branch of service of the service member, the birthday and mailing address (if available), and the relationship with a church member or members.

The board is located on the north-facing wall at the intersection of the Great Hall and the corridor on the west side of the Sanctuary, near the Terrace Room. Anyone wishing to add their service man or woman to the board should contact Wayne Hesser or call the church office. The service member need not be deployed overseas to have their information posted on the board.

The Trinity Prayer Chain is comprised of a group of dedicated members who pray for those in our congregation and community in need of prayer. You can request prayers for yourself, your family, or someone you know that needs prayer by calling the Church office: 817.274.1345, or by e-mailing the Church at office@trinityarl.org

For prayer needs or emergencies that occur after regular weekday Church office hours, the contracted answering service for the Church will receive your request via your telephone call to 817.274.1345. A  pastor will be notified immediately if your need is urgent.

A small group of prayer warriors faithfully gather at the church before Sunday and special services to pray. Please contact the church office: 817.274.1345 or Diane Luttrell for more information.

Though the original purpose of the labyrinths is not clear, there are surviving descriptions of French clerics performing a ritual Easter dance along the path on Easter Sunday. Some books suggest that mazes on cathedral floor originated in the medieval period as alternatives to pilgrimage to the Holy Land. A labyrinth walk may be one of joy and happiness, reuniting friends, family and our Father. A labyrinth walk may be a release from the troubles of the day. Trinity’s Labyrinth is traditionally set up during Holy Week and upon request. If you would like to be a part of the Trinity Labyrinth team, contact the church office: 817.274.1345 or Diane Luttrell.

The Prayer Chain is a group of prayer warriors who pray for all who request prayer. Prayers may be requested through the church office, the Trinity web site, pew prayer request cards or directly to Betty Thomas or the church office: 817.274.1345.

This group provides blankets that have been prayed over to members in need. Call the church office: 817.274.1345 for more information.

Trinity hosts a once-a-month meeting of a support group for caregivers of persons diagnosed with serious mental illness. For more information about the support group, please contact Martha Meyer or the church office: 817.274.1345.

We are blessed to have Anita Mitchell, R.N., serve as our Faith Community Nurse (also called a Parish Nurse) here at Trinity. Anita recently retired from her job as a Registered Nurse at Texas Health Resources Arlington Memorial Hospital, and immediately completed the coursework required to become a certified Faith Community Nurse. Some of the tasks of Parish Nurses who are assigned to a local congregation are to offer blood pressure checks, CPR classes, organize blood drives, facilitate Wellness Fairs, and to facilitate workshops here at Trinity that focus on the health needs of our congregation. Trinity offers a Health Information Series on the first Wednesday of every other month. For questions about Faith Community Nursing, please contact Anita Mitchell, R.N., at the Church office, 817-274-1345.

For several years, Trinity has sponsored a series of grief support groups based upon a nationally-based Christian program of ministry called GriefShare. This ministry is designed to offer help and hope to those who have suffered the loss of a loved one through death. GriefShare is a 13-week series of meetings that are held at the church. Child care is offered for persons attending GriefShare meetings. For more information, please contact the Church office, 817-274-1345.

Trinity has become a host church for the sponsoring of a nationally-based Christian divorce support network called DivorceCare. Through this ministry, Trinity facilitates a 13-week divorce support group program on our campus twice a year. DivorceCare is a weekly meeting that consists of a time of viewing a short DVD-based testimonial session, working through Participant’s workbook, and holding a small group discussion on the topic of the day. These confidential sessions are open to anyone who is experiencing marital separation or divorce in our community. Child care for persons attending DivorceCare is offered. For more information about DivorceCare, please contact the Church Office: 817.274.1345.

Stephen Ministries

A program that equips lay persons to provide distinctively Christian one-to-one care to those who are in need of having a Christian “traveling companion” along the journey of life.

DivorceCare Support Group

A support group for persons experiencing marital separation and/or divorce

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