Twenty Minutes a Day in 2021.

That all it takes to read through the Bible in a year. We’re journeying through the Bible chronologically in 365 readings and podcasts. Sign up below.

We are challenging everyone to read the Bible 20 minutes a day during the year 2021. The focus of these 20 minutes is to read 2 to 3 chapters of the Bible every day and then listen to a podcast about what you just read and discover how that passage in the Bible applies to your life today. Over the year, we will be reading through the Bible chronologically and I will be preaching through the Bible that way as well.

On January 3, which is the first Sunday of the New Year, we are having a guest speaker named Tara Leigh Cobble. Over the last few years, Tara Leigh has helped 1000’s of people from all over the world have a better understanding of the Bible through her ministry called The Bible Recap. She is the person who has created this reading plan to read through the Bible chronologically and is also the person who is speaking on the daily podcast.

We are also encouraging Sunday school classes to use this as their lessons for next year.

Here are links to the information you will need to participate:

Here is a link to the 2021 Sermon Schedule