Trinity West

Trinity West is our second campus here at Trinity that is located just east of us in Fort Worth in the Handley community. Our goal is to have a United Methodist presence in this area of east Fort Worth. This new ministry will look significantly different that Trinity because we seek to develop a multiethnic congregation and ministry. We know this will take hard work and creativity but it can be done and will be a blessing for many as we seek to fulfill our goal of reaching others for Jesus Christ in the Handley community.

Mission Opportunities

Tutoring at McClung Middle School

Our after school programming for McClung Middle School is every Thursday from 4:30pm-6:30pm during the spring semester (excluding Spring break). The program involves tutoring for grades 6-8 along with music, sports, and games. We truly believe that the most important thing we can do for these kids is to build relationships with them and encourage them so they can have the confidence to succeed. You must be Ministry Safe certified as well as go through the background check for Fort Worth ISD to help.

Please contact Rev. Kevin Anderson at to get more information or to sign up.


We are having chapel on Mondays for the kids at the Treasure Chest Learning Center. It has been a fun and exciting time for us as we see these kids ages 2-5 dance around and sing. Their enthusiasm is amazing and is a great way for them to start their week.

Community Meal

We will be having a community meal on the third Thursday of every month. The youth from the after school program and their families and members of the community are invited. The meal will be served from 5:30pm-7:00pm and it’s FREE!