The Letter We Nee to Write PART 7 “A Letter…To God” (THRIVE)

The Letter We Nee to Write PART 7 “A Letter…To God” (THRIVE)

Paul implores us, no matter what the circumstances, to bring our whole lives before God. He says we present our requests to God by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving and if we do, we will find peace. Life at some point becomes very real. So does God. There are moments in your life you cannot explain apart from a God who loves you more than you will ever know. What do we need and want to say to God? If we wrote a letter to God, where would we start? What would we say?

And, if by chance we wrote a letter to God, where on earth would we send it? Turns out there is an answer.

Every year, hundreds of letters addressed only “To God”, sent from around the world, are delivered straight to Jerusalem. Twice annually, these letters are collected by the Post Office and hand-delivered to God’s front door: the Western Wall, known also as the Kotel – the last surviving remnant of the Holy Temples. Twice a year each note is carefully squeezed between the stones of the ancient wall in hopes that God will listen – and answer.

It’s comforting to know that so many letters sent to God eventually find their way to Jerusalem and the Temple. So, here’s your chance to write your own letter to God. To say what you’ve longed to say, to open your heart and pour it out like an offering to God. If you read the Bible, you know there is nothing off limits to God. Bring your joy, your pain, your brokenness, your gratitude, your questions, and your doubts. The Bible says if you do this you’ll be in good company. And if you’re worried whether or not the letter will end up in the right place. Remember, the most important thing is not where it ends up. It’s where it starts. And where it starts is with you.


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