FOMO PART 6 “Fear of Losing Everything” (Traditional Service)

FOMO PART 6 "Fear of Losing Everything" (Traditional Service)

The story of Ruth confirms what many of us know firsthand. Life is often a series of gradual losses.

We leave home at a young age, we miss opportunities, we stumble and fail, members of our family die, we lose close friends, we lose our jobs, and from time to time we lose our way.

A famine forces Naomi to leave her home, her friends, her community to survive. Her husband tragically dies followed by the unexpected and heartbreaking loss of her sons. She loses her family, her community, and in her bleakest moments she loses her hope.

One of our deepest fears is the thought of losing what we love, losing the people in our lives, losing our way of life, losing our sense of belonging.

The story of Ruth is a reminder that life is difficult. But it also reminds us that despite our losses, God has some wonderful surprises waiting for those of us who wait on the Lord.

The story starts with a famine, but it doesn’t end there.

The story starts with a series of loss and grief, but it doesn’t stay there.

Which means when God is a part of our story, the place where we initially start out is never where we eventually end.

Or ask yourself this question.

When I look over the course of my life, what do I remember more, the losses? Or the gains?


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