Deep Dive Part 1 “Never Swim Alone” (THRIVE)

Deep Dive Part 1 "Never Swim Alone" (THRIVE)

The warning signs posted at every pool, lake, river, or ocean beach make it clear; “Never Swim Alone.” It’s risky, dangerous, and potentially fatal. Even as a child one of the first lessons of swimming is to always practice the “buddy system.” Meaning pair up with someone else, never get separated, and always look out for each other.

Jesus sends his followers out two by two to carry out his work and carry on the mission. It’s not by accident that Jesus knew we need the “buddy system.” The point being to encourage one another, build up one another, and strengthen one another. In the mission and work of the church; in the journey of life itself, we are better together, stronger together, more effective together.

Contrast that with a “Lone Ranger” culture that convinces us to go at it alone. To be completely independent, never ask for help and never rely on or trust anyone else but yourself. This Sunday, we’ll take a deep dive into a story Luke shares about Jesus and how we’re supposed to travel in this life.


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