Baptisms at Trinity

The baptism of infants and children is a holy sacrament in the church. Baptism acknowledges that your child is created by God and as parents, we have a responsibility to raise them to become followers of Jesus Christ. When parents baptize their infant or child, they are making a covenant before God and the body of Christ, the Church, that they will live as followers of Christ and as an example for their children. They are also making a commitment to raise their child in the church and teach them to follow Jesus. Thus, to baptize your church, you must be a member of the church.

We offer a 30-minute Baptism class for parents seeking to baptize their children. If you as a parent have not been baptized, we will discuss that with you as well.

Baptisms are scheduled after the class has been completed. Please register your attendance for a baptism class at

After the class has been completed, you may set a date and worship service for your child’s baptism with Betsy Spencer or you can email your desired date and worship service at

When your child is baptized, the parents receive a Baptismal Certificate and a children’s book on baptism. Infants younger than six months will also receive a handmade afghan, lovingly knitted by one of our church members.