Confirmation is offered to our sixth graders throughout their school year.

It is a journey in understanding their relationship with God and how a Christian lives out their faith in every day life. Some children have been baptized and are ready to begin their commitment within the church. Others are just beginning. We take children wherever they are to where God calls them to be.

Trinity invites all children to come and be in community, to feel the love of Christ, and learn how to live for others.

Confirmation takes place during the school year.  Parent Orientation will occur in September and forms will be available in August.  You will receive all the forms that are needed for the Parent Orientation. Please fill them out in advance of coming.  To reserve a spot for your child in Confirmation please contact betsy@trinityarl.org. 

Contact Children’s Ministries with your questions: 817.274.1345 or children@trinityarl.org