Baptisms at Trinity

The baptism of infants and children is a holy sacrament in the life of our church. Baptism represents the presence of God in a person’s life and is a visible sign of God’s claim on our lives.

We offer a 30 minute Baptism class for parents of those children seeking to be Baptized or for adults. We encourage parents to take the class prior to the birth of their child.

The actual Baptisms are scheduled after the class has been completed. Please register your attendance with children@trinityarl.org.

After the class has been completed, you may set a date for your child’s Baptism with betsy@trinityarl.org

When your child is Baptized, the parents will receive a Baptismal certificate and a children’s book on Baptism. Infants younger than six months will also receive a handmade afghan from one of our church members.